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    What comes to our mind when we hear this word ‘garden’? Ummm….lush green fields, grass,plants, vibrant flowers, and of course weeds and, and…mud, manure, drops of dew, but what we feel inside while visualizing all this in a frame? Absolutely refreshing and re-energized! We even start feeling the touch of lovely cold breeze, blowing around us. Never mind, we have that extreme sense of imagination (which people usually do not have). Coming back to where we have started, ‘garden’ as we know in the metropolitan cities its really difficult to get a sight of such site more often. Yes we do have parks and designated famous gardens in and around our
    city, but can we really walk up to that place every now and then, whenever we want to? The answer is supposedly ‘no’. But what if you can transform a part of your home in a beautiful little garden of yours? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Even if your home is not sun facing, or you do not have open space, still you can have a garden situated there in your arena. We all know that there are kind of plants which do not require much of the space or much of the sunlight, the needs of a plant varies with different kind of species, so you can easily select those, suiting to your particular setting. Not only plants, but there are customized planters also, which make sure that you get what you want, and how you want. So, whats in our store for you is these pretty little, large,railing planters,hanging planters,water cans and decorative planters! Yes you read it right we have planters accustomed to your need, in which you can plant your little bundle of joy without much hassle. If you have got a balcony, we have a wide range of decorative planters, and even if you do not, you would surely get a planter fulfilling your space conditions. There are hanging planters, rectangular ones, small ones, there are huge tubs, half moon shaped, oval shaped, plain ones, etc. etc. And the great news is, you can even choose them in accordance with your home interior for they are colour themed, there are different patterns in them, varied shapes and sizes, in short it would not be wrong to say that ‘beauty comes in all shapes and sizes’. If you are a garden lover, plant lover, then you must browse our range of planters and plant containers and we guarantee you that you will soon become a “planter lover” as well, for they are so good, both visually and functionally that you would lose your heart on them. So go and get hold of them as soon as you can, one cannot and should not miss out on such a ‘thing of joy’ (which is not forever, We know). Craftkriti offers a huge array of garden decor from to help you create the unique deck or garden of your dreams. Be it growing your own food or decorating your home & garden with flowers or plants, there are plenty of reasons to take up gardening. Garden decor is
    fun to look at while you relax and take in the sights and sounds of your
    garden. In addition, those who walk by or friends who come over will
    compliment your garden decor such as lawn ornaments, fountains, or
    planters. Have a garden? Or a balcony? A terrace? Or even a windowsill?
    Indulge in these colorful, quirky and classy garden accessories that will
    dress up your plants and shrubs. Check out our selection of planters from
    hanging planters to railing planters, garden decor, birdhouses, watering
    cans and many more. Craftkriti offers a huge array of garden decor to help you create the unique look or garden of your dreams. As well as we are pocket friendly and committed with our quality goal. So come and explore we won’t disappoint you.

    Give your balcony or your home an amazing different look with wonderful creations of nature, wonderfully engaged in a flamboyant man made creation, these planters are created to create a magic. You must be thinking why to buy planters online? But here is a simple answer being
    garden lover you must love the scene when your beautiful plants get nourished and cared in these planters. Your most beauteous blooms, decorative foliage or good-luck bamboos – they’re boasting their best side when sitting pretty in one of these planters. They are available in different shapes and shades. We promise your plants will feel the love in these adorable planters!

    Now it’s easier than ever to transform your GARDEN into an all fresco expression of your personal style with these appealing options from mounting bird house and other collection. Garden decor adds the extra flavor you need to the plants and flowers you are growing.
    It allows you to create a style that resembles who you are – just like what you might do within rooms in your home. Garden decor also is fun to look at while you relax and take in the sights and sounds of your garden. Craftkriti offers a huge array of garden decor to help you create the unique look or garden of your dreams.

    Hanging planters are light weight and carved to add to the aesthetics of the
    surroundings. If you are not a garden person but want to start small to add some greenery to your home, than these hanging planters are just for you. They make a feature in small living spaces, or those that lack outdoor space. As these are less spacious they are easy in watering and easy to take care. Trailing houseplants such as ferns, spider plants and string of pearls, look most attractive in hanging pots. Come and have a look to these
    beautiful planters, they will surely keep you captivating.

    Want to Try something different but have less space than these Railing planters are for you. Railing planters are a keen and fine decor solution. These planters’ saves up floor space to grow more and gives a more visually pleasing appearance. You can place them on top of the fence in your front or back yard. After a long day, you can enjoy the relaxation in your backyard provides while taking in gorgeous flowers growing in your
    railing planters. They are ideal to grow flowers, ornamental shrubs or even vegetables. Take a nose to our wide variety of railing planters, I bet we won’t disappoint you.
    Water is an essential to us so as to plants so why not add some classy look to these cans, CRAFTKRITI provides wide range of watering cans.
    Every house needs a garden, and every garden needs a watering can. Whether you’re watering a few in door plants on your balcony or hallway table to drenching a full-scale botanical garden, we’ve got the right watering can for you. Reach those hanging plants or small pansies in the center, with an extra-long can spout. Decorate your garden with an embossed or floral water cans. Hold a can that’s easy to handle. Have a look to our cans.

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