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    LAMPS AND LIGHTINGWho does not like lights? Well I do not know of anyone who do not like tinkering lights, making everything bright for brightness is what everyone desire, whether in life or in general. And it also serves as an important part of every place and every occasion, home, office or even the normal streets, light is needed everywhere. But for decoration purposes, it is held more importantly, lamps and lights are what make a place shine bright, right amount of lighting is what captivates the onlooker. Craftkriti provides
    you with widest range possible to make your world brighter and happening. Table lamps as apt as your home interior, other than that, wall lightings suiting to your preference, are able to complete all your homely needs with regard to lights. But that is not all, ceiling lights, hanging lights, lanterns and t- light holders as well, you are to get everything in here, in just a click, all your party decorations or diwali decorations or even a small get together at home, every such arrangement becomes handy, just one
    click away, with Craftkriti.

    You have the opportunity to flood the room with brightness with these beautiful Ceiling lights. Choosing the lighting fixtures for the house is one the details you need to plan when decorating a new space .Interior decorators are turning to CEILING LIGHTS in almost any style of office or home. CEILING LIGHTS can help to break that monotony with style and one of the best things about them is they don’t leave a “footprint” or take up valuable tabletop space. This makes them ideal fixtures. Browse out the range of ceiling lights for inspiration. So, take a closer look to these amazing lights, decide on a budget and then buy these lights to make your reading or relaxing experience an unforgettable one.

    Ethnic lights add brightness and style to any room in the house. It is not just indoor, but outdoor lights are also very important to every home. Be it the front porch or the backyard, having good light designs always helps in enhancing the look of the exteriors of your home. If you are spending time outside your front door during dusk or night time, it is very important to have good lighting. To choose the right lights for your home, CRAFTKRITI is the perfect place to be. We are presenting you these beautiful Ethnic lights which will surely add energy to the aura wherever fitted.

    Keep all the spaces you reside in well illuminated with our table lamps at
    CRAFTKRITI. Maybe you look forward to arriving home each evening after work so you can sit back and relax on the sofa and read the day’s news on your electronic device or in the newspaper. If so, complement your home decor with these table lamp that offers beauty and energy to the air. These wide range beautifully created table lamp will surely complement the place better wherever placed.

    D. Hanging lights
    Want to add a feeling of warmth and make all the everyday moments shine brighter, use hanging lights.Home lighting is a very important aspect to be considered whether you are designing a new house, moving into a new place or just renovating. It is hard to think of any one way of decorating that is more critical than effective lighting. This is where we will take you to less expensive, nicely carved wide range of “Hanging lights”. This beautiful hanging can be used for conventional purpose. It will surely add 7 stars in your happiness and pride.

    Wall lights are different way to add elegance to your home décor as they take less space but add different vibe to the air. Are you short on space? But want to have awesome styling for your home, come and got through these amazing wall mounted lamps. Wall mounted lamps are an ideal
    solution across a range of lamps and lighting fixtures. Next to the bedroom or your favorite reading chair, you might consider wall mounted reading lights a perfect choice. Alongside the bathroom mirror, a pair of wall lamps provides soft, even lighting. And for the hallway, well-placed wall lighting can instantly add illumination to atmosphere.

    Lanterns take less space and illuminate more light than any other lighting fixture. Craftkriti presents a wide range of pocket friendly and classy, and enabled to add statement to your rooms. Be it the heavy traditional lantern or the modern ones with either the fitted batteries or the electric ones, every kind of this instrument add a different vibe to the place wherever it is displayed.We even have many lanterns that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use so you can enjoy using them all year round.

    No electricity but why to stop having fun use T-light holders, less spacious and electricity free. World is moving towards “SAVE ELECTRICITY” era, so let’s join hands and use T-light holders. They are a popular choice for votive candles. They are also suitable for accent lighting and for heating scented oil. Tea lights may be set afloat on water for decorative effect. Check out our range of tea light holders online. Use tea lights to create depth and sophistication in your homes visual ambiance. Available in different shapes, designs, patterns, and themes, the sight of a soft and muted flame creating a glow around the holder will be a truly divine experience.

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